What does the future hold for a WordPress developer?

WordPress is a powerful technology, providing website and web application developers with an array of tools and resources. What does the future hold for WordPress developers? How can they make the most of their skills and push boundaries in this ever-advancing sector? What career paths are available to them?
It has become increasingly difficult for WordPress developers to stay ahead of the game in recent years. With new technologies such as Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and Progressive Web Apps emerging, many are finding it difficult to remain competitive. Research from Handshake, an online career resource, reveals that from 2018 to 2019 there was a 26% decrease in full-time jobs posted for WordPress developers in the United States. Additionally, an article on Econsultancy highlighted that only a small number of top US companies, such as Microsoft and IBM, are investing in big-budget projects using WordPress. This suggests that organizations are looking for more technical solutions, relegating WordPress down the ranks.
In this article, you will learn about the opportunities for WordPress developers in the digital economy. We will look at the predicted growth of the sector as well as the skills of WordPress developers that will be in high demand. We will also explore the other career paths WordPress developers can pursue, how to best equip themselves with the skill set needed, and ways to stand out from the competition in the sector. We will also explore potential job scopes and salaries for WordPress developers and how to make a successful career transition. Finally, we will look at the future of WordPress development, potential new roles, and tips for staying ahead of the game in the future.


WordPress developer is a type of role who is responsible for creating and maintaining websites using WordPress, the content management system (CMS). The role is mainly focused on web development, where customizing existing WordPress themes and plugins, creating and integrating new features or custom features, and developing proficiency in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, and other web technologies is essential for success.
Content management system (CMS) is a web-based software application that helps users create and manage content on their websites. Popular examples of CMSs include WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla.
Customizing existing WordPress themes and plugins is the process of customizing and adjusting existing WordPress themes and plugins for specific web development purposes. This process involves coding the pages and themes to meet the users’ specific requirements and ensuring that all the components of the website remain compliant with WordPress standards.
Creating and integrating new features or custom features is the process of creating new functionality or integrating existing custom features for specific web development purposes. This involves coding custom features into existing WordPress themes or plugins, and may also involve creating custom widgets, menus, and other web elements.
Developing proficiency is the process of gaining experience and an understanding of web development technologies such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, and other web technologies. As a WordPress developer, having a high level of proficiency in these technologies is essential for success.
The future for a WordPress developer is bright and full of opportunities. As more businesses rely heavily on digital technologies, the demand for skilled web developers will increase. Additionally, WordPress developers have the ability to stay competitive by staying up-to-date with the latest trends and techniques, and by continuing to develop their technical skills. With the right expertise and a willingness to learn, WordPress developers can expect the future to be filled with exciting opportunities.

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1. Overview Of The Modern WordPress Developer

In modern times, WordPress developers are highly sought-after professionals, and is the backbone of many digital and e-commerce businesses.

Skills Needed as a WordPress Developer

Professionals in this line of work must be well-versed in various coding languages, particularly HTML, CSS, and Javascript. Additionally, they need to understand PHP and MySQL, as these are the two main language used in WordPress development. These developers should be familiar with the latest technologies and techniques, keeping up to date on the latest changes in the industry. Additionally, they must have strong writing and communication skills, as they must be able to work closely with designers and business owners to ensure a user friendly, aesthetically pleasing, and future-proof website.

Potential Career Paths

There is no single defined career path for WordPress developers, which is part of what draws many to this field. Professionals have the possibility of pursuing different career paths, either working as an employee in a company or as a freelancer; or they could become an independent consultant, take on a different job in the field of web development, become a WordPress theme designer, or specialize in search engine optimization or creating plugins for WordPress.

  • Advanced knowledge of coding languages HTML, CSS, and Javascript.
  • Understanding of PHP and MySQL.
  • Excellent writing and communication skills.
  • Familiar with the latest changes and trends in the WordPress industry.
  • Possibility to pursue different career paths.

Being proficient in the afore-mentioned languages and having the right experience in the WordPress industry is what sets a successful WordPress developer apart from the rest. Additionally, being able to think outside the box, have creative ideas, and take initiative in their projects will definitely help them reach their goals. The future of WordPress development looks bright and there is a lot of opportunities for professionals who are willing to stay ahead of the game.

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2. Essential Skills Required To Become An Expert WordPress Developer

WordPress is a powerful platform and many developers are turning to this CMS to develop and customize web projects. To become an expert WordPress developer, an individual should equip themselves with the essential skills.

Software Development

It all begins with software development and a deep understanding of the principles of software development such as data structures and algorithms. This helps the developer to build upon their existing codebase and make modifications to modularize the code. Additionally, a great knowledge of the popular frameworks, tools, and libraries in the software development world is also beneficial.

Web Development Fundamentals

Having the ability to understand the basics of web technologies is vital. HTML, CSS, and JavaScript are all essential for creating the user-facing side of a website. Understanding the fundamentals and how to create wireframes for a web application is even more important. Additionally, as an expert WordPress developer, they should also have an understanding of web servers, web hosting, and databases.
Finally, it is important to be up-to-date with the WordPress ecosystem. WordPress comes with a large number of plugins that can enhance the functionality of a website. A great developer should understand how to properly work with and integrate plugins into a website. Additionally, they should have an understanding of the different WordPress themes and how to customize them. All of these skills when combined, produce a skilled WordPress developer who can develop and customize web applications with ease.

3. The Benefits Of Staying Ahead Of The Curve As A WordPress Developer

WordPress is a versatile platform used by developers all over the world for powering websites. It also has a large community of developers that keep it updated. For a WordPress developer, staying ahead of the curve is essential for getting the most out of WordPress development. Here are just a few of the benefits of staying ahead of the curve as a WordPress developer.

Knowledge of New Features and Trends

Staying ahead of the curve means knowing the latest updates and trends for WordPress. This allows you to take advantage of new features that are introduced and take advantage of the most up-to-date trends. This knowledge of the latest updates gives you the ability to develop more efficient and effective solutions for clients.

Optimizing Maintenance and Upgrades

WordPress updates often require manual upgrades and maintenance. Staying ahead of the curve allows you to plan ahead for these maintenance and upgrades. This reduces the time it takes to implement new features and upgrades as you are already aware of what needs to be done. As a result, maintenance and upgrades are reduced and can be done more quickly.
Finally, staying ahead of the curve as a WordPress developer allows you access to more resources. By remaining up-to-date, you can access the latest tutorials, videos, and support forums that are available. This helps to increase your skills and abilities and ensure that you remain on top of WordPress development.
It is clear that staying ahead of the curve as a WordPress developer has numerous benefits. From gaining knowledge of new features and trends to optimizing maintenance and upgrades, there are many advantages to staying ahead of the curve. As a result, WordPress developers should constantly strive to stay ahead of the trend and take advantage of the numerous resources that are available.

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When thinking about the future of a WordPress developer, one cannot help but to ponder what exciting possibilities there are in store. From creating unique themes and plugins to tackling web development – wherever the WordPress program takes them, the possibilities are endless.
That said, it’s impossible to predict exactly what the future holds for WordPress developers. As the platform continues to improve and evolve, developers must stay ahead of the curve. The best way to do that is to stay abreast of the latest developments on WordPress by subscribing to the blog and actively following the latest news and releases.
For those with burning questions about the future of WordPress development, here are some helpful FAQs:
Q: What is the most useful skill set for a WordPress developer?
A: Some of the most important skills for a WordPress developer include proficient coding skills, an eye for design, website optimization, the ability to troubleshoot issues, and knowledge of third-party integrations. In addition, many experts recommend at least basic knowledge of HTML, PHP, JavaScript, and CSS.
Q: What techniques can WordPress developers use to maximize page loading speed?
A: WordPress developers can optimize their website’s page loading speed by minifying their code, using caching plugins, optimizing images and media, avoiding redirects, and taking advantage of lazy loading. Additionally, developers should utilize a content delivery network (CDN) to offload serving tasks to multiple servers located around the globe.
Q: What sort of security measures should developers use for their WordPress site?
A: WordPress developers should use strong passwords, enable two-factor authentication, generate a security key, regularly update the core files and plugins, limit access to the WordPress admin panel, and regularly back up their data. Moreover, using a reliable web hosting provider and a reputable security plugin is highly recommended.
Q: What methods can be used to prevent website crashes?
A: In order to ensure their website does not crash, WordPress developers can use redundant hosting, enable caching, monitor usage and server loads, set up notifications for error messages, and run scheduled maintenance checks prior to any major release or updates.
Q: What resources are available for WordPress developers?
A: WordPress developers have access to a wide array of resources including online training, tutorials, forums, blogs, and much more. Moreover, there are a number of WordPress developer meetups and user groups that can provide valuable insight as well as networking opportunities.
The future is bright for WordPress developers, as the platform continually expands and improves. However, in order to stay ahead of the curve, developers must stay abreast of the latest developments and embrace new tools and techniques. By doing so, they will remain a top WordPress developer now and well into the future.

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