In which cases is WordPress not preferable for a website?

High Complexity Requirements

When Time and Cost Are Limited

When Word of Mouth and Reputation Are Crucial

Is Word of Mouth and Reputation Essential for Business Success?

It is no surprise that in the modern world word of mouth and reputation are becoming increasingly important in determining success in business. The Internet has made it increasingly easier to spread word of mouth far and wide, increasing the potential repercussions of an online reputation. This means that business owners need to be more aware of the consequences of bad or negative reviews and take steps to ensure that their reputation is preserved. The most effective way to do this is through maintaining a positive image online, responding quickly to any criticism or complaints and proving to customers that they are listening and willing to resolve any issues.

However, good reputation doesn’t only come from responding to customer feedback and complaints, but also from taking proactive steps to ensure customers have a positive experience. This includes consistently providing high quality services, products delivering on promises and keeping up customer relations with helpful communication. By taking these additional steps to ensure customer satisfaction, you are taking concrete actions to establish yourself as a reputable business. This also extends to offline moments when interacting with customers as this may have just as much of an impact, if not more than online interaction.

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Finally, in order to further build upon a reputation, businesses can take advantage of online reviews. By properly reaching out to customers and incentivizing them to leave reviews with clear review directions and providing mailer campaigns, businesses can further establish a strong reputation and solidify their presence in their target markets.

To conclude, in the modern world word of mouth and reputation are essential in determining success for businesses. Businesses must think strategically to respond to customer feedback as well as build a reputation through providing strong services and products. Additionally, taking advantage of online reviews can be a great way of further strengthening the supportive reputation of the business.


Choosing the right platform for a website is an important decision, and for many WordPress might not the best solution. Though WordPress is generally a great choice for blogging and other content-based sites, other platforms may be better suited depending on the purpose and goals of the site. When would WordPress not be preferable?

Power users, e-commerce sites, and enterprise sites can all benefit from using platforms other than WordPress. These sites may need sophisticated design elements, heavy traffic, and sophisticated coding that WordPress simply cannot provide. For any user who needs to make frequent changes to their coding or require specific security measures, WordPress is likely not the ideal solution.

Ultimately, only you can decide which platform will work best for your website. Consider the purpose and goals of your site and review the pros and cons of any platform before committing. If you are still unsure, feel free to follow our blog for even more in-depth information about the various internet platforms and hostings available, as well as for news about new releases and product updates.

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