How to remove share boxes from my WordPress blog posts?

Do you ever feel like the share boxes on your WordPress blog posts are a distracting element? Have you been searching for options to remove them while maintaining your blog’s aesthetics?
Blogs hosted through WordPress often come integrated with share boxes, which allow readers to quickly post and share the post on various social media platforms without having to navigate away from your page. The problem with this is that these share boxes often take up precious space within your blog post, thus detracting from the overall aesthetics. In addition, these share boxes can make loading your pages take longer than it should.
Phil Elverum, a long-time WordPress blogger and experienced developer, understands this issue all too well. To help other bloggers facing this problem, Phil has written an extensive article detailing the steps required to remove share boxes with minimal disruption to the blog’s aesthetic. Through his many years of experience, Phil has identified an effective strategy to help WordPress bloggers gain more control over their content.
In this article, you will learn how to easily and quickly remove the posts without sacrificing the overall aesthetics of the posts. This article will also provide detailed instructions on how to keep the share boxes off permanently. Finally, readers will be provided with tips and tricks on how to make sure that the unwanted share boxes do not return in the future.

Definitions and Meanings of Removing Share Boxes from WordPress Blog Posts

Sharing boxes are widgets that are used to allow viewers to share the content of a post or page in WordPress. These boxes allow viewers to post the link of the post or page on different social media websites and other blogs. These boxes are typically found at the bottom of each post. Removing share boxes from WordPress blog posts may be necessary in some cases, as it can help to reduce the clutter of a post and it can help to keep things more organized.
Share Boxes: Widgets that are used to allow viewers to post the link of a post or page on different social media websites and other blogs.
Removing Share Boxes: The process of removing a share box from a post or page in WordPress. This can help to reduce the clutter of a post and keep things more organized.
WordPress: A popular open-source website platform used for a variety of applications, most commonly used as a content management system.
Content Management System: A type of software that is used to organize, store, and manage the content of a website.

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Topic: How to remove share boxes from my WordPress blog posts?

What are Share Boxes?

Share boxes are used on blogs and other websites to allow visitors to share a link to the post on their social media accounts. The boxes are located near the post, typically at the end or beginning of it, and let the audience easily share the content they have just read or watched.

Why remove Share Boxes?

Share Boxes can be and often are convenient for the visitors, but there is an argument that removing them could also be advantageous. Some visitors might consider the boxes to be intrusive, obtrusive, annoying, and distracting; thus lowering the overall user experience. The boxes also add extra weight to your webpage, thereby slowing it down. Removing the boxes could improve you page loading times.

How to remove Share Boxes?

To remove the share boxes from your WordPress blog posts, you first need to identify which plugin or theme you are using for your website. Depending on the plugin or theme, the removal of the boxes could be done in one of the following ways:

  • If you are using a plugin, find the ‘Hide’ Button in the plugin; this should stop the boxes from appearing on your posts.
  • If you are using a premium theme, you may find a styling option that lets you hide the share buttons.
  • If you are using a free theme, there may be a styling option to turn off or hide the boxes. If not, you can use the ‘’Custom CSS’’ box to hide them.

In conclusion, share boxes can be beneficial in giving visitors an easier way to share content, but they can also be considered intrusive by some. If you decide to remove the boxes from you WordPress blog posts, it would likely result in a more positive user experience. Before removing the boxes, make sure to identify which plugin or theme you are using because this will determine how to remove them.

1. Understanding Share Boxes and Their Role in WordPress Blogs

Share boxes, also known as social sharing buttons, give readers the option to easily share content from a blog to popular social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. These plugins are a convenience that make it easy for readers to quickly interact with content; however, they can also be a distraction from the main content of a blog post. Having share boxes present on every page of a blog removes focus away from the content, which can be damaging to an online presence. Additionally, some sites have plugins and share boxes that slow down the load time of the page.

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Eliminating Share Boxes

Eliminating share boxes from WordPress blog posts can be done quickly by disabling the plugin that was used to add them to the page. Depending on the plugin, disabling can be done by deactivating the plugin or by accessing the settings of the plugin and toggling the share box option off. However, if the plugin cannot be disabled, then it can be removed by editing the code of the post. This will require editing the HTML or PHP code of the post, and can be done from the ‘Editor’ module, which is accessed from the ‘Appearance’ tab on the WordPress administrative sidebar.

Adding Share Boxes Back

Adding share boxes back after they have been eliminated is a relatively easy process. Using the same plugin that was used to initially create the share boxes is often the simplest option, as it requires simply selecting what social media networks readers can share the post to. Additionally, there are several plugins available that are specifically designed to provide social sharing. These plugins allow the administrator to customize the settings, such as what networks the post can be shared to, as well as what the size and placement of the share box buttons will be.

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2. Removing Share Boxes from WordPress Posts

If you own a WordPress blog, you may want to remove the share boxes from your blog posts. Share boxes typically appear at the bottom of blog posts and allow visitors to easily share your content on a wide variety of social networks. This feature can be a valuable tool for helping your content reach a wider audience, but some bloggers may find the physical presence of these share boxes cumbersome or distracting from the overall look of their blog. Fortunately, removing them is fairly easy.

Disable The Built-In Share Boxes

The first step to removing share boxes from your WordPress posts is to disable the built-in share boxes on your blog or website. Most platforms will have customizable options that allow you to disable them from the general settings. This can be done through the “Manage Settings” panel of your WordPress blog, usually found in the “Settings” tab. Once you have access to the “Manage Settings” window, you should simply be able to disable the various share boxes that are currently present.

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Deactivate The Installed Plugin

In some cases, the share boxes may have been added by installing a plugin onto your WordPress blog. To get rid of the share boxes, all you need to do is deactivate the installed plugin. This can be done by clicking on the “Deactivate” button from the “Plugins” tab, which can be found in the sidebar on your WordPress dashboard. After deactivating the plugin, the share boxes should no longer be visible on your blog posts.

While disabling or deactivating the share boxes can help improve the overall look of your blog, they do serve a worthwhile purpose. Consider the implications of completely removing the share boxes, as it can reduce certain social media engagement and the potential outreach of your blog content. As Albert Einstein once said, “Not everything that counts can be counted, and not everything that can be counted counts.”


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The question of removing social sharing boxes from your WordPress blog is an important one. Many bloggers rely on these sharing boxes to build a larger readership, so why would someone want to get rid of them? The truth is, it may be beneficial to your blog in some cases, depending on your needs and goals.

Now that we have a better understanding of why someone would consider removing social sharing boxes from their WordPress blog, we can turn our attention to the steps needed to do so. The process isn’t complicated, and requires a few straightforward steps to complete. Once you have done so, your articles won’t be visible to certain platforms anymore.

There are many questions that one may have about removing social sharing boxes from their WordPress blog. Do I risk losing readers? Will my blog be affected by this? Is there a more efficient way of removing these boxes? How long does it take to complete the process? All of these questions can be answered with a bit of research.

We hope that this article has provided some clarity when it comes to removing social sharing boxes from your WordPress blog. Blogging is an important business, and it’s important to make sure that you have the right tools and knowledge at your disposal to ensure that it’s successful. If you have any further questions or want to stay on top of any exciting new releases, be sure to follow us on our blog.

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