How to make my website open-source (built with wordpress)?

Are you looking for ways to make your website open-source and benefit from its advantages? Have you wondered why WordPress is often a preferable option for website development? What does it take to make a WordPress website open-source?

Making a website open-source can deliver a huge range of benefits. It offers enterprises and individuals a way to share resources, develop applications, and establish an open codebase for anyone interested in using it. In addition, open source provides the public with insights into the source code and allows them to modify and redistribute it. According to the 2019 Open Source Security and Risk Analysis, developing and sustaining an open-source software program can potentially reduce the cost of development by up to 80%. Other benefits, such as enabling external collaboration and the ability to modify the source code, often make open-source software a preferred choice for many businesses.

In this article, you will learn why making a WordPress website open-source can be so beneficial, how to set up an open-source website, and what additional things you need to consider before taking the plunge. We’ll discuss how the process works, what the main risks are, and how you can mitigate them. We’ll also analyze whether open source is the best way for your business or individual website, and look into how to optimize the open-source software. Finally, we’ll discuss the importance of support and maintenance, the various licensing options available, and tips for optimizing your open-source website to ensure it provides the greatest possible benefit.

By the end of the article, you’ll have a much better understanding of how to set up and optimize your open-source website, and know which features to look for in your open-source software package. You’ll also know how to minimize the associated risks and find the best licensing option for your needs. All of this will enable you to make an informed decision about whether making your WordPress website open-source is the right choice for you or your business.

How to make my website open-source (built with wordpress)?


Open-source websites are digital platforms derived from computer programs with source code that is openly shared. This code can be adapted and worked on by anyone with coding skills, who can then use it to publish and manage content.

WordPress is the most popular and widely used content-management system (CMS) available. It is a software that is used to build and manage content of all sorts, like images, audio, video, and text.

Making a website open-source entails releasing its source code to the public, so it can be analyzed, studied, and even altered by anyone with programming knowledge. This means that anyone with coding skills can make contributions to the code, fix issues, and enhance the website’s features.

When a website is open-source, it encourages collaboration between developers and users. It also allows for more user-friendly web experiences, as users can suggest ideas and developers can implement them.

When a website is built with WordPress, it can be made open-source by releasing its WordPress theme code. This code can be hosted on a repository like GitHub, where developers from around the world can contribute to the site’s functionality.

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What Are the Benefits of Making Your WordPress Site Open-Source?

What is Open Source?

Open source refers to any program whose source code is made available for use or modification as users or other developers see fit. It typically refers to software that uses an open source license, but can also refer to any publicly available source code. WordPress has become an increasingly popular platform to create websites and blogs. Many websites and blogs are built on this platform, making it a popular choice for users. As with many other platforms, making a WordPress site open source is a great way to extend its functionality and give users more control over their site.

Benefits of Making Your WordPress Site Open Source

The main benefit of making your WordPress site open source is that you are able to extend the functionality of the platform and customize it to your own needs. By making the source code available to other developers, you can benefit from the innovation and ideas of the community of developers and build out features that are tailored to your needs. This could include integrating third-party APIs or services, building custom plugins, or simply customizing the design of your site. Additionally, users of the platform are able to keep up to date with the latest features, as the new code is readily available for review and testing.
Another benefit of making your WordPress site open-source is the ability to maximize security. By having the source code available to review, users can actively monitor potential security issues and be sure that their site remains secure. Additionally, open source sites are not prone to vendor lock-in, meaning that users aren’t dependent on the vendor for upgrades and fixes. This allows them to have more control over their site, as they don’t have to worry about not being able to access or fix any problems.

Steps to Make a WordPress Site Open Source

Making your WordPress site open source is relatively straightforward. Here are some of the steps you’ll need to follow:

  • Choose and download an appropriate open source license for your project
  • Ensure that all code is properly commented and organized
  • Create a public code repository, such as GitHub or BitBucket
  • Create a README file that outlines your project and any special instructions
  • Make sure that all necessary information is available, such as project license, documentation, and contributor agreements
  • Promote the project in online communities and forums

Finally, if you are making your WordPress site open source, you will need to be prepared to respond to bugs and feature requests from the community. This will involve setting up an issue tracker, such as GitHub issues, and encouraging users to report bugs and feature requests to you. Responding to these issues promptly will ensure that your project remains up-to-date and accessible to users.

How to Install an Open-Source Theme on Your WordPress Website

What is Open-Source Software?

Open-source software is computer software that is made available under a license that allows for it to be freely used, modified, and distributed. Open source software has been around since the early days of computing, but it has become increasingly popular in recent years because of its advantages over proprietary software. Most open-source software is free to use, modify and distribute, and is created by a community of developers who often work collaboratively to improve and expand the software. Open source code is usually available online for anyone to view and download, and allows developers to write their own add-ons or create new applications.

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Benefits of Using Open-Source WordPress Themes

Using open-source WordPress themes offers numerous benefits to website owners and developers. First, open-source WordPress themes are typically free to download and use, saving developers time and money. These themes are also often highly customizable, meaning that they can be modified to meet the exact specifications of a given website. Additionally, open-source WordPress themes are typically well-supported by the software’s community of designers and developers, and can be easily updated when new versions of WordPress come out.
Another major advantage of using open-source WordPress themes is that they are generally more secure than other types of themes. This is because open-source software is continually tested and improved by the community members, making it more secure against malicious attacks. Finally, many open-source WordPress themes are also free from the bloatware and advertisements that can bog down other types of WordPress themes.

How to Install an Open-Source Theme on Your WordPress Website

Installing an open-source theme on your WordPress website is a relatively straightforward process. First, visit and search for the theme that you would like to use. Once you’ve found the desired theme, download it to your computer in a .zip format and unzip the files. Then, log into your WordPress Dashboard and navigate to the Administration Panel. In the Appearance tab, click “Themes” and then “Add New”. Finally, select the “Upload” option and upload the .zip file of the open-source WordPress theme to your website.
Once the theme is successfully uploaded, you will need to activate it in order to use it. To do this, click on “Activate” and your open-source WordPress theme will be available for use. Additionally, you should take some time to customize the theme so that it looks and behaves the way that you want it to. This can be done by using the WordPress Customizer, which allows you to customize the look and behavior of your theme without needing to modify any code.

How to Choose an Open-Source Plugin for Your WordPress Website

Making your WordPress website open-source can be a great way to ensure a robust online platform for your business or organization. By opting for an open-source plugin, you make sure that all code and functionality is open to the public and can be modified at any time. This ensures that your website is up-to-date and fully customizable to fit the needs of your business.

Selecting a Plugin

When selecting an open-source plugin for your WordPress website, it is important to research the various options available to you. There are many open-source plugins that are widely supported and provide a wealth of features and capabilities for your website. It is a good idea to look into the features offered by each plugin and determine which is right for your specific needs. Make sure to read through user reviews and ratings to gauge the performance and reliability of each plugin.

Testing Your Plugin

Once you have selected a plugin, it is essential to test it on a test site before applying it to your live site. This allows you to try out different features and ensure that the plugin is performing as expected. Testing also ensures that you have the correct setup for your plugin and that its features integrate properly with your WordPress website. To make sure your plugin is up-to-date, it is usually recommended to keep it updated regularly.
Finally, it is important to remember to backup your data when changing plugins. Having a backup copy of your site will ensure that you can restore your original design and settings quickly and easily should you ever run into trouble. By making sure that your website is open-source and using a reliable plugin, you can ensure that your WordPress website remains secure and up-to-date.

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What is open source software and why is it important?
Open source software is software where the source code is available for everyone to modify and to distribute. By making a website open source, it opens up the opportunity for developers to contribute to the project, help fix bugs, and even add features that the software may be missing. Open source software is generally free and of high quality, as many people can contribute to its development and improvement.
Can anyone turn a WordPress website into open source?
Yes, it is possible to turn your WordPress website into open source. It does, however, require a certain amount of technical knowledge in how to edit the source code of the website, so it’s not something that can be done in a few clicks. That being said, it’s not overly complicated and there are many tutorials online to help guide you through the process.
How can I keep my website secure when it’s been made open source?
The most important aspect of keeping an open source website secure is to ensure that the website is kept up to date by regularly applying security patches and updates. Any contributions from developers that have been made to the open source code should also be reviewed regularly to make sure there are no potential security vulnerabilities. Finally, you should ensure that the website is tested regularly to check for any potential issues.
What are the benefits of making a WordPress website open source?
The main benefits of making a WordPress website open source are that the code can be freely altered, extended and improved upon by other developers. This enables the website to benefit from more features, have more users, and be generally more intuitive and bug-free. Additionally, any improvements made to the open source code can be used by other WordPress websites, helping to improve the already impressive WordPress community.
What should I do before making my website open source?
Before making a WordPress website open source, it’s important to first backup the entire website. This will enable you to always revert back to the original version of the website should anything go wrong. It’s also a good idea to review and double check any code changes that you plan on making, to make sure that they don’t introduce new security vulnerabilities or cause any unexpected issues. Finally, it’s important to make sure that you document any changes that you make to the open source code, so that others can be aware of the addition or alterations that you have made.
Thought-provoking question on topic: How can developers contribute to an open source project?
Creating an open source project in WordPress can be a great way to collaborate with developers, help create a better product, and involve the community in the development process. However, it’s important to understand what the process looks like and how developers can contribute. If you’re looking to make your website open source, then it’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with the protocols that are in place and the tools that are available.
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So, if you’re a developer looking to contribute to an open source project, or you’re simply curious about open source software, then you have come to the right place. We hope that this article has helped to answer your questions and provide guidance on what steps you need to take to make your website open source.

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