Creating a website on WordPress: the main stages and settings

Creating a WordPress website is a popular step when a resource is needed for personal or commercial purposes. This CMS is consistently in the top of the most popular, but this does not mean that the created site will automatically start generating income.

The setup process itself is simple, but for those who are not yet familiar with site building, the instructions will definitely not be superfluous. In our article, we will tell you how to create a website on WP, analyze the basic and additional settings, and also talk about errors and alternatives to this CMS.

Pros and cons of creating a WordPress site
Any website creation platform has pros and cons. Let’s look at WordPress from both sides to understand who this system will be especially relevant to.

Pros and cons of creating a WordPress site
Pros and cons of creating a WordPress site

Perhaps the first thing to note is the absence of a user fee. For comparison: 1C-Bitrix offers a minimum package for 15,900 rubles.
WordPress has an open source code, that is, the site can be modified later.
The platform offers a wide range of templates, extensions, add–ons – both paid and free.
There is a lot of information freely available on working with the system, so all problems are solved promptly.
Intuitive interface of the admin panel, ease of work in it.
The created website is compatible with almost any hosting: most of them have a built-in WordPress installation tool.
The platform allows you to create a variety of sites – both small business card sites and serious portals with an extensive structure and a large number of pages.

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There is no technical support. To find some information, you will have to Google.
Without a suitable plugin, it is impossible to create even a banal sitemap or edit robots.txt .
The platform is not designed to create large online stores, in this regard it is inferior to Bitrix.
There is no possibility of backup from the standard solution. To transfer a site or create a copy, you first need to install the appropriate plugin or get access to hosting and its tools.
A WordPress site is more susceptible to hacking compared to a CMS site, since the first one has open code, and the second one has closed code.
Choosing a domain and hosting for creating a WordPress site
The choice of hosting to host the created site depends on its characteristics. If this is a small website for internal use, it can exist without problems on a free hosting . But a serious commercial resource that will be visited by a large number of users is placed on a paid hosting.

Choosing a domain and hosting for creating a WordPress site
Choosing a domain and hosting for creating a WordPress site
There are special guides for choosing a hosting provider, but you can not waste time searching and contact , Beget, Netangels are proven providers with an excellent reputation. They will help you register a domain (first you need to come up with it and check if it is free, and then pay for registration).

Obviously, the domain name and the name of the site/company must match or be similar. For example, the company “Spring” should choose a domain . The name should be short, easy to read and type in a smartphone or on a computer.

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The domain zone does not affect the site’s position in the search results and its technical characteristics, but it can be perceived differently by users. As practice shows, the audience trusts resources with .ru domain zones more или.сом , than, for example, or .
Therefore, if the site is commercial and involves a lot of traffic, it is better to prefer a top-level domain: .com, .info, .org, .net, .ru, .In addition, new first-level domains have recently appeared: .club, .guru, .ninja, .expert and others

Installing WordPress to create a website
The creation of a WordPress site begins with the installation of a management system. Let’s look at this process step by step.

In the side menu, open the “CMS Catalog” tab.
Choose WordPress.
Click on the “Install application” button.
A window opens, in which you need to select the domain on which WordPress will be installed.
Click “Start installation”.
We fill in the username and password (they can be found in the mail that was specified during registration).
In the sidebar, open the “Sites” menu.
We go to the newly created WordPress-based resource.

Website design and themes on WordPress
After installing the CMS, the site has a standard look, which most creators change to something more original with the help of existing templates and themes. At the same time, not only the visual, but also the functionality changes. For example, there is a design with two side panels in which the menu is assembled. And there is a design without panels, where navigation is placed in the “header”.

Before you start designing a website, you need to answer a number of questions that will help you make the right choice of topic.

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Will the site have a mobile version? If it is available, you need to choose a template with an adaptive design that automatically adjusts to the size of the smartphone/tablet screen. If you are launching an online store or a website with an expected high traffic, such templates are especially relevant for you.
How important is a unique website design for a company? The fact is that free templates are widely distributed, which means that there are many very similar sites on the Internet. The free option can be unique, but you will have to spend a lot of time on it. Or you can simply purchase an original paid template – specialized web studios are engaged in their creation. The company will receive from the contractor not only a personal website design, but also technical support (installation assistance, file updates, etc.).
Which audience is the future site designed for – exclusively Russian-speaking or international? The choice of the theme language (menu, navigation, etc.) depends on this. You can search for a template for English in foreign catalogs.

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