How to make a website on WordPress

WordPress is used by Sony Music, The New Yorker, Reuters, TechCrunch, the US Republican Party, Fortune, and many other major media and organizations. Even the Rolling Stones and Snoop Dogg appreciated this engine.

So you should too! Go
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Why WordPress
WordPress is the most common CMS today. According to the independent agency Web Technology Surveys for March 2022, about 64.8% of all websites in the world use CMS WordPress. Here are the main reasons for its success:

The free “engine” – CMS WordPress is distributed under an open license agreement (GNU GPL), so that it can be freely used even for commercial purposes;
unlimited possibilities – with WordPress, you can create an online store, a personal blog, a corporate website, an information portal, an industry resource, a multimedia gallery;
flexible customization of appearance and functionality – paid and free templates are available, with the help of plugins you can solve technical problems, provide the necessary functionality;
ease of administration – no special knowledge is needed to work with WordPress, everything is intuitive;
companies provide the service of automatic installation of WordPress on hosting – you do not need to search for the distribution kit on the official website yourself, download it and install it. For example, Beget offers to install WordPress or Joomla to choose from. A couple of clicks are enough to install the CMS. A trifle, but nice.
Beget allows you to create a virtual server with WordPress in two or three clicks
WordPress is a universal engine for blogs and other content sites

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Step # 1: Choose a hosting and register a domain
You can share photos of cats or keep a bodybuilding diary on free hosting . But if you have a commercial project and you plan to earn with it – choose paid hosting.

To choose a hosting provider, watch this video or study the guide. If you don’t have time for this at all, you can contact , Beget, Netangels – we trust these providers.

A hoster will also help you register a domain. It is enough to come up with a domain name, make sure that it is free, and pay for registration.

Choose a domain name that partially or completely matches the name of the site.

Use the shortest possible domain name. It is difficult for smartphone owners to enter a long address in the browser bar, so it is better to use the name instead of

Make sure that the selected site address is easy to remember and makes sense.

The choice of the domain zone does not affect the technical characteristics of the resource or the position in the search results. However, theoretically, this parameter can affect the trust of the audience.

Step #2: Install WordPress with your own hands
After buying a hosting and registering a domain name, install WordPress. Please note: some hosting providers offer tariff plans with a pre-installed CMS. If you have chosen one of them, go straight to the third step of the guide. If you purchased hosting without an installed engine, follow the instructions.

Go to the WordPress site, open the Download section and find the latest version of the distribution. Download it:

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Using FileZilla or another FTP client, upload WordPress files to the root folder or subdirectory. There is a file in the root folder index.html . To create a subdirectory, you need to put the folder with the site files in the root directory.

Install WordPress. To do this, open the link to the site in the browser. Specify the information to connect to the database. They must be provided by the hosting provider.

Now we specify the information about the site. Specify the site name, username, password, and email address. Specify whether search engines can index the resource (yes, if you want the site to appear in the search results).

Is it better to choose a free or paid theme?
If you are just starting to work with WordPress, choose a free template from the official catalog. All themes in the catalog are tested for safety and compliance with technical standards.

If you want to buy a theme, use the services of community-approved WordPress developers.

Which theme is better:
It doesn’t matter, since after studying this guide you will be able to any topic. It will take a little time and basic knowledge of English.

How do I find a suitable template in the catalog?
Use the filter in the theme catalog. Select the desired options and apply the filter.

Or: use a design template from the collection of “Texterra”.

The second way: download the distribution of the selected theme to your computer. It should be an archive in the format .zip. In the admin panel section “Appearance – Themes – Add a new one”, download and install the template. After downloading, activate it.

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You have installed and activated the template you like. Now you can start setting up.

What topic should I choose for a new project? Are there any significant differences other than the design that affect the operation of the site? All these questions will be answered by the guide “100 best free WordPress themes”.

I recommend that advanced site developers and bloggers turn to proven and proven independent theme developers on the market, for example, in WPShop, and buy a theme for their tasks if there is no longer enough free functionality. Independent developers, as a rule, take into account the latest trends in web design and SEO.

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