How do I display a popular blog post in WordPress?

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Are you a WordPress user looking for the right way to display a popular blog post? With some knowledge of the platform, it is possible to increase awareness and visibility of your content. But how can you ensure that people can see it? In this article, you will learn how to effectively display a popular blog post on a WordPress site.

One of the most pressing issues for WordPress users is how to make their content more visible. This is especially true for bloggers who wish to share their insights with the world. However, without proper optimization, posts can quickly become buried in the ever-expanding range of content. To make a post stand out, users have to create eye-catching headlines and descriptions, as well as share them widely on social media. Nevertheless, there are some other ways to increase the visibility of a post, such as displaying it prominently on the homepage.

Phil Elverum, the creator of the popular WordPress blog “Diving into the Web”, has dedicated years of experience to understanding the ins and outs of displaying popular content on WordPress sites. Through careful experimentation and extensive testing, he has developed an approach to displaying popular blog posts that has yielded impressive results.

In this article, you will learn the key steps of Phil Elverum’s strategy for displaying popular blog posts. Discover how plugins and widgets can help you create a beautiful display feature, the importance of optimizing the image quality of featured posts, and how to ensure that people click on the post. With the advice shared in this article, you can make sure your most popular blog post stands out and reaches the widest possible audience.

Definitions of Popular Blog Post in WordPress

A popular blog post in WordPress is any post that receives significant web traffic, either from organic search results, other blogs, or from other sources. It can be a post that is written by the blog’s author, or it can be one of many guest posts that come from outside contributors. A popular blog post may also include viral content that is shared through social networks or other online platforms. Popular blog posts typically feature topics that are relevant to their readers, and those topics can range from current news and events to lifestyle and entertainment topics. They may also include reviews, personal essays or interviews, and many other formats. The most successful popular blog posts are often those that engage in a discussion or debate related to a particular subject matter, while others may simply provide informative content that is frequently updated and shared. By creating high-quality blog posts, bloggers can build a loyal following of dedicated readers and fans, which helps to increase their visibility and reputation online.

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1. Identifying Popular WordPress Posts

Displaying popular posts in WordPress can be a great way to draw attention to certain content within your website. By showcasing your most popular posts prominently on the home page or within other areas of your site, you can make sure that your readers are seeing what they’re looking for – especially since it’s been proved to be successful in the past.

Check Your Site’s Traffic

The first step to figuring out which WordPress posts you should display more prominently is to actually check your website’s traffic. Review your page views to see which posts are being visited the most frequently on your website. Usually, the posts that show up with the highest pageviews will be your best candidates for displaying as popular posts in WordPress.

Examples of Popular Posts

Popular posts can come in a variety of forms. You’ll want to focus on posts that are conversational, informative, and entertaining. This can be achieved with ‘How To’ guides, comprehensive reviews, or case studies. Any type of post that your reader would be interested in will be a top candidate for displaying as a popular post in WordPress.

  • Informative ‘How To’ guides
  • Comprehensive reviews
  • Case studies
  • Trending topics
  • Engaging interviews

You should also keep your audience in mind as you are selecting which posts to feature as popular posts. If your reader base responds positively to certain topics, promoting these articles more prominently on the homepage can yield favourable results. It is important to keep a balance between promoting the content you want them to read and content that they already want to read.

2. Creating an Effective Strategy for Displaying Popular Posts

Displaying popular posts in WordPress is an effective way to encourage readers to engage with your content. Popular posts, also known as trending content, are those which have recently grabbed the attention of readers in terms of clicks, shares, or other forms of engagement.

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Choose Relevant Posts

The most effective way to display popular WordPress posts is to choose content relevant to your blog readers. Although the most-viewed posts will likely be those that are timely or particularly popular, they might not always be the best choice for your blog. To maximize the effectiveness of your popular posts, select those that will interest your readers the most.

Utilize Widgets

WordPress offers a number of widgets that you can use to highlight popular posts. These widgets are easy to incorporate into your website and will provide readers with regularly updated content. They are also available in a range of styles and configurations, so you can find the perfect option to fit the look and feel of your blog.

Additionally, you may want to consider adding an “editor’s pick” widget to your blog or website. This type of widget will give you an opportunity to call out content that didn’t necessarily become popular but that you believe is high quality or has the potential to resonate with readers in the future.

“Successful businesses recognize the value of popular posts by considering both what content will attract readers and what information is valuable to them.” – Richard Branson

3. Monetization Tactics for Promoting Popular Posts

Social Media Promotion

One of the most effective ways to promote popular posts in WordPress is through effective social media promotion. Platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and more, provide an easy and affordable way to reach large numbers of people on various topics with relative ease. It is important to ensure that the content being shared is relevant to the topic, as this will help to ensure the post is noticed and shared by even more readers. Additionally, it is beneficial to pair social media promotion tactics with other advertising strategies such as pay-per-click campaigns to further boost visibility and increase readership.

Relevant Keywords and Meta Descriptions

If you want to make sure your WordPress blog post reaches its maximum potential, it is important to include relevant keywords and meta descriptions in the post. An accurate, informative meta description is important for any blog post, as it helps to ensure that the post is visible to searchers who may not necessarily be aware of its existence. Additionally, including relevant keywords in strategic places, such as the post’s title, body, headings, and tags, will help the post to appear when these terms are used in searches. This will help to spread the post’s visibility and encourage more readership.

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Finally, it is important to keep your WordPress blog posts updated and relevant. As trends change, so do readers’ interests; therefore, keep the post updated with facts, case studies, quotes, and other related content so that readers are more likely to return to read future posts. By following these few tips, you can maximize the potential of your WordPress blog post and help ensure it reaches a broader audience.

“Marketing is no longer about the stuff that you make, but about the stories you tell.” – Seth Godin


Creating popular blog posts can seem challenging, but with careful planning and attention to detail it’s possible to create content that truly resonates with readers. What steps can we take to create content that attracts an audience? What kind of content yields the most shares and comments? These are questions worth pondering before diving into creating a blog post.

If you want your blog post to stand out and be engaging, it’s crucial to create relevant, timely and original content that will pull your readers in. Quality content will hook your readers in, keeping them engaged and enticed to post comments or share the post with others. Make sure to share your posts with friends, family, and other influential sites or channels to help promote your content. Once you have created a great post, your readers will anticipate future releases, so don’t forget to engage them by sending emails or newsletters to notify them of your upcoming content.

Are blog posts the only way to attract readers? What kind of content works best? How often should you be blogging? What platform should be used for publishing? What are the major benefits of blogging? These are all valid questions when it comes to creating a popular blog post. To reach a large audience, blogs should consist of quality, well-crafted content that is relevant to the post’s topic and is tailored to the readers. This can be achieved by incorporating research, personal experiences and including visuals such as photos and videos. Additionally, publishing regular content helps garner a consistent readership. Popular platforms to publish content include WordPress, Tumblr, Blogger, Medium and Joomla. Blogging has numerous benefits, such as sharpening your writing skills, improving SEO, connecting with readers, and creating a platform to share ideas.

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