How can I be a good WordPress developer?

We often ask ourselves how we can become better at something, how we can sharpen our skills and improve our technology expertise. As coding and website development become an increasingly important part of many businesses, the question of how to be a successful WordPress developer is particularly relevant today. Are there particular strategies we can use to become proficient in WordPress? Is there a special mindset or skill set that WordPress developers should have? And what does it take to stay competitive in the WordPress development landscape?

Recent reports suggest that demand for WordPress professionals is increasing, as websites continue to be a key part of businesses, organizations, and other entities. A survey by WP Engine found that two-thirds of businesses view website speed and performance optimization as a major priority, and another 88 percent say they plan to invest in WordPress designers. These statistics show the importance of WordPress developers and the need for them to stay informed of technology and industry trends to remain competitive in the job market.

In this article, you will learn the guidelines that need to be followed to become a successful WordPress developer. We will provide tips on how to stay up-to-date with technology, as well as strategies to help you network and build a portfolio. We will also discuss the importance of problem-solving skills and the value of staying organized, and discuss how to ensure that you provide the best website experience possible. Finally, we will offer some suggestions on how to ensure you’re consistently earning the most profitable WordPress projects.

By the end of this article, you will understand the essential skills developers need to possess in order to become a successful WordPress developer. We will explain the steps necessary to stay on top of the game, how to network and grow your portfolio, and share a few ways to ensure that your websites are always top-notch. We hope you learn something valuable and put it into practice.

Definitions of a Good WordPress Developer

For non-technical readers, a good WordPress developer is someone who can create, modify, and deploy WordPress-based websites and applications. They should be able to work with standard HTML, JavaScript, and CSS, as well as the popular WordPress plugins and themes. Additionally, a good WordPress developer should be able to troubleshoot potential issues and keep websites secure.
WordPress is an open source content management system developed by It is based on MySQL and PHP, allowing web developers to create custom websites and applications.
HTML stands for HyperText Markup Language. It is used to create the basic structure of a website. HTML is the backbone of web development.
JavaScript is a scripting language used to create interactive elements on a website, such as forms and menus.
CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) is a style sheet language used to add styling to a website, such as colors and fonts.
Plugins are pieces of software used to add extra features to a website, such as contact forms and ecommerce capabilities.
Themes are designs used to organize and customize the look and feel of a website.
Troubleshooting is the process of identifying and resolving issues with a website, such as broken code or security flaws.
Security is the practice of keeping a website safe from malicious attacks and hackers. A good WordPress developer should be able to identify potential security risks and take steps to mitigate them.

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1. Learn WordPress Basics

The journey to becoming a good WordPress developer is a long one with a lot of hard work and dedication involved. To start, it’s important to learn the basics. Learning WordPress basics is the foundation that will allow you to become a capable WordPress developer. Once you’ve become more familiar with WordPress, the next step is to increase your proficiency in all of the different technologies used in WordPress.

Understanding the PHP language

PHP is the language that WordPress is built on and a fundamental knowledge of it is important for any WordPress developer. To get started, familiarize yourself with the syntax of PHP and object oriented programming. You’ll need to understand how to write structured and clear code, as well as be able to debug it.

Understanding the WordPress Core

An in-depth knowledge and understanding of the WordPress core is an absolute must for anyone who hopes to become a proficient WordPress developer. This means having an understanding of the template hierarchy, the database structure, the plugin API and the various WordPress functions. To begin, you should look at the WordPress documentation and familiarize yourself with the different core components.

Getting Familiar with Themes and Plugins

Understanding both themes and plugins is important for any WordPress developer. With plugins, you’ll need to understand how to properly integrate and maintain them, as opposed to how to develop them. As for themes, you should learn how to create your own custom WordPress themes, as well as be able to modify existing ones.

Building Your WordPress Portfolio

Once you’ve gained the necessary skills to become a WordPress developer, the next step is to build your portfolio and make it visible. This can be done either by creating your own themes and plugins, or by customizing existing ones for clients. Having your own portfolio of work can make it easier for you to acquire new clients and will demonstrate your technical competence as a WordPress developer.

  • Learn WordPress Basics
  • Understand PHP language
  • Understand WordPress Core
  • Familiarize Yourself with Themes and Plugins
  • Build Your WordPress Portfolio

2. Acquire Knowledge of Code and Coding Standards

The path towards becoming a great WordPress developer is one that requires dedication, technical knowledge, and continued learning. Fundamentally, the goal of a WordPress developer is to develop websites and applications using the WordPress platform. This can range from creating complex custom themes and plugins, to updating existing websites, or even creating custom integrations. In order to become an exceptional WordPress developer, there are multiple areas of knowledge to obtain.

Knowledge of Code and Coding Standards

The primary building block of any WordPress project is the code behind it. Before starting any project, it is important to make sure that the coding standards of WordPress are met. It is essential to develop a strong understanding of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript in order to ensure that WordPress websites are created within the WordPress coding standards and guidelines. These coding standards specify how coding should be written and structured in order to guarantee a well-crafted, high-performing WordPress website, which is powerful and efficient. Knowing these standards well can make a huge difference on the finished product.

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Knowledge of WordPress Specifics

It also essential to have an understanding of WordPress’ specifics such as its content management system (CMS), taxonomy, theme system, and the code editor used. Understanding the WordPress CMS and its capabilities is essential for customizing a WordPress website and enriching the user’s experience. It is therefore important to be knowledgeable in topics like post types, custom fields, taxonomies, and the WordPress REST API. Additionally, having experience with manipulating and customizing themes and knowledge of core APIs will also give a WordPress developer an edge in developing and customizing the finished product.
Finally, when choosing an editor for coding, it is important to opt for one that is powerful enough to provide features that will be useful for development purposes. Having an understanding of the available editors, plugins, and features will make code writing and debugging easier. Similarly, having experience with debugging tools can help in identifying and solving issues more easily.
Overall, while there are many paths to becoming a great WordPress Developer, deep and varied knowledge of the tools and languages related to the WordPress platform is essential for developing high-performing, powerful, and efficient websites. With dedication and effort, it is possible to excel as a WordPress developer.

3. Develop Practical Skills and Apply Them to Your Website

Practical skills are necessary to become a successful WordPress developer. With the ever-evolving environment of web development, being able to develop new skills and use them is key to staying ahead of the competition and creating successful websites.

Acquiring Knowledge

The first step in becoming a good WordPress developer is for the individual to learn the basics of web development. It is important to understand HTML, CSS, and JavaScript and the way they interact with the WordPress platform. Additionally, one must be proficient with the various tools used in web development such as FTP software, HTML editors, database tools, and image editors. The more knowledgeable the individual is, the better prepared they are for developing successful websites.

Explore Resources

The WordPress platform provides a variety of resources to help developers create successful websites. A developer should utilize these resources to their fullest potential. Resources include tutorials, forums, blogs, and even sample code. By taking the time to explore these various resources, a developer can gain valuable insight about the best practices for WordPress development as well as design and development techniques. Additionally, these resources can help the developer keep up to date on the latest trends and technologies in web development.
Once the basics have been mastered, the developer should begin utilizing the WordPress platform. From designing templates, installing plugins, creating custom post types to writing custom themes, there is so much that can be done with WordPress. A developer should take the time to experiment with WordPress and get familiar with it. This will help the developer understand the platform better and develop better websites.
Developing a website can be a difficult and time consuming process. As such, it is important for developers to focus not only on the technical aspects of the site but also on the usability and usability testing. A developer should pay close attention to how users interact with the website and see if there are any areas that need to be improved. This could include redesigning certain elements, adding features, or reorganizing information. This process helps to improve the overall user experience and ensures that the website is successful.
By following these steps, a WordPress developer can successfully develop websites that meet users’ requirements and are enjoyable to interact with. Acquiring knowledge of the basics and further exploring resources related to WordPress are essential to becoming a successful WordPress developer. With enough practice and dedication, a WordPress developer can create successful websites that reflect their skills and showcase their potential.

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Becoming a great WordPress developer is a constant journey of growth and advancement. It requires dedication, passion, and an eagerness to learn the ins-and-outs of the platform. After all, as WordPress continues to evolve into a more complex platform, so too should the skill set of a WordPress developer. But where does one start?
The best way to become a great WordPress developer is to keep up to date with the latest developments in the WordPress world and hone your skills through practice. It cannot be stressed enough, though, that continually learning new and innovative techniques is essential to becoming a master of the craft. Be sure to subscribe to the WordPress channel and keep an eye out for new releases and updates, so you can be sure to stay ahead of the curve.
Frequently Asked Questions:
Q: How can I learn WordPress development?
The best way to learn WordPress development is to start with the basics, such as learning HTML, CSS, and JavaScript before diving into the WordPress core. There are also numerous tutorials and resources available that will allow you to get to grips with developing on WordPress.
Q: Is WordPress development difficult?
For those familiar with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, WordPress development is relatively straightforward. That said, there are certainly nuances to consider and some commands and functions will take time to learn and become second-nature.
Q: Should I learn Node.js for WordPress development?
Node.js can be useful to learn for certain WordPress plugins or themes, however it is not essential. It is best to assess the requirements of the project you are working on and decide whether it is necessary to learn Node.js before you begin.
Q: Should I use a WordPress plugin or build from scratch?
It depends on the project and your experience. If you are familiar with the WordPress core and have created custom plugins or themes from scratch before, then this is an option. However, if you are a beginner, it may be safer and quicker to use a plugin.
Q: How often should I update my WordPress site?
Your WordPress core, themes, and plugins should all be updated regularly. Generally speaking, it is best to check for updates weekly, as this will ensure that any security threats or potential bugs are addressed. Additionally, be sure to regularly create backups of your site, in case of any unexpected issues.

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